The Melting Pot Foundation

Claus Meyer has established the Melting Pot Foundation, whose aim it is to help disadvantaged people through food related projects in Denmark and abroad

In June of 2011 we established Melting Pot, which is a charity foundation with the
purpose of improving the quality of life and the future prospects of vulnerable and
disadvantaged populations in Denmark and in selected developing countries. We
want to make this happen through activities that have food and food craftsmanship
as well as entrepreneurship as their prime elements.

A special ambition of the foundation is to help children, young people, persons
with a criminal record, refugees and immigrants by developing – and maybe also
taking part in the management of – companies or institutions, that are engaged in
education, communication, production or commerce in the field of food and

As of writing Melting Pot has made three essential steps:

  • The launch of a cooking school for poor children from the slums of Bolivia'scapital La Paz – in collaboration with IBIS.

  • The establishment of a re-socialization project in collaboration with the CriminalAuthorities; a cooking school for inmates and a restaurant behind bars in the stateprison of Vridsløselille.

  • A pilot project to establish a school for the disadvantaged young people in New York City, that teaches the history, arts and science of cooking and a philosophy of citizenship that is rooted in democracy and humanistic principles.

On an annual basis Claus Meyer will raise money for the foundation's work
through two events, targeting children and young people in Denmark. Firstly, a
food courage race, a race that challenges choosiness towards food and which was
held for the first time in the autumn of 2011 in Copenhagen.
Secondly, a pop-up restaurant that will give children and young people an
experience for life at the same time, on the same day, in more than a hundred
restaurants all over the country. The pop-up restaurant was kicked off for the first
time in the autumn of 2011.

The first 3 years the cooking school is expected to require 6 million DKK in
establishment costs and operating grants. The ambition is to make the cooking school self-financing
from the 4th or 5th year onwards.

Claus Meyer:
"I have drawn some important experiences from my 30 years of efforts to improve
Danish food culture, not least the efforts put into the establishment of Noma and
the Nordic Kitchen Movement. With hard work, a collaborative attitude, the right
people, the faith in the best in other people, timing, and a bit of courage, great
results can be achieved at very low cost. Many people think that the Nordic
Kitchen is exclusively about the Nordic countries, but that is a mistaken
assumption. It is all about giving and about being grateful. It is about taking care
of each other and the Earth. It is about rejoicing in the face of one's opportunities
and about creating something original and valuable together, "in the light of
eternity", as my old master used to say."

We are very happy to hear from you if you want to support Melting Pot, whether by assisting at one of the foundation's events or by giving a donation to the foundation.

  • If you would like to volunteer at one of the foundation's events, please send an email to Maria Byskov at - then we will inform you where and when we need assistance.
  • If you would like to give a private donation, please contact Louise Walter Hansen at or call her at +45 – 25 10 27 18
  • If as a company or an organization you would like to give a donation, make a sponsorship or discuss the possibilities of becoming a partner in either Melting Pot or in one of our projects, please contact Louise Walter Hansen at or call her at + 45 – 25 10 27 18.
  • If you would like to start your own fundraising campaign or give a donation to my personal fundraising campaign to collect money for our cooking school in Bolivia please go to this page

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