Meyer's Bakeries

Bread is an integral part of most people's everyday diet – from breakfast over lunch to
dinner. As such, it matters even more that the bread available to the consumer is of
the highest possible quality, nutritional value, and taste. That's why we have set up
two bakeries in Copenhagen on two different locations – see map .
Meyer's bakeries are workshops, where we are baking and grinding the flour
throughout the entire day for maximum freshness. Every single ingredient is organic
and the grain is grown in the Nordic region. Most of our bread is based on wholegrain
since its taste and health benefits make it superior to other kinds of flour. Wholegrain
is rich on nutrients and protects against several diseases as well as it reduces the risk
of obesity.
All the flour we use in our bakeries we produce ourselves. If you would like to learn
more about our flour production and the variety of flours we offer to our costumers,
please click here

Chad Robertson, the king of bread making, on baking with our flour during his visit to Denmark:

"I brought 50 pounds or 25 kilos of flour from San Fransisco and I baked with that the first day and then I started using the flour of Per Grupe and Claus Meyer and I prefer this one now. (...) It's just an incredible flavour".

If you prefer making your bread and pastry yourself, please go to this page for our bread and cake recipes

To learn more about our bread making philosophy watch these three videos:
Meyer's bakeries are located on the following adresses:
Jægersborggade 9 & Store Kongensgade 46
Opening hours:
Mon-Fri: 7-18
Sat-Sun: 7-16
Phone: +45-25101134
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